hi! my name is Katie

I am a 25 year old Canadian artist that works and lives in British Columbia.

In my practice I consider myself an explorative painter. I have been making art since I can remember- drawing a lot, and being overly excited to go to art class. My painting practice seeded out of a love of blending colours together and creating all sorts of combinations and gradients. 

I graduated AUA (Alberta University of the Arts) with a BFA in 2017, and since then I am focusing on preserving the artistic process, and integrating unexpected types of material into my work to create more of a 3D space.

I am mostly using acrylic paint (I need my work to dry in a more rapid manner) although both oil and watercolour painting hold a spot in my heart and I will use them once in a while, or combine them together. When I paint I lay down a lot of layers, this results in intriguing forms. When I work like this it helps me paint in a fearless manner and my mark-making becomes way less guarded- purely intuitive. 


Broken dishes, copper wire, cut outs of my watercolour paintings and sketches, dried flowers, textiles, found objects, and dried paint scraped from my palettes are some of the more obscure objects that I have used as materials in my work. Encasing these types of objects in resin or transparent mediums freezes the process in time because the paint still appears as wet as it was the moment you laid it down. As though the artist had just seconds ago completed the work. 

The limitless types of colour combinations existing in nature is where I find inspiration for my palettes. When I notice a complimentary pairing; for example- the deep green of a skyline dense with pine trees, and the glowing warmth of a sunrise- I have confidence knowing that this was really laid out by the fabrics of reality to be reproduced in a painting because the universe did it first.

These well known complimentary colour combinations push and pull each other just like the legendary colour wheel would have predicted and it is so compelling to know nature did that on its own first.. It really is amazing.

I want to have a positive impact on what I feel as though feeds my inspiration and my work, the things that cannot help themselves. And that would be nature, and what also dwells inside- the animals. The least I could do is help protect what it is that inspired me to fall deeply into what I feel is my purpose.

I want to make a donation to one charitable animal/nature conservation group per year. 

5% of every single sale made here on my website in 2021 will go towards Dolphin Project in helping protect marine wildlife and the creatures dwelling within it.